Anne Murdoch

Moved to the USA

Anne Murdoch was looking for a foreign exchange company to not only provide an excellent service but also guide her through the process of buying currency at the right time.

Quote Mark “The team are friendly, professional and very easy to talk to. The service is good and the transactions are quick.” Quote Mark

Patrick Herns

Transfer housekeeping money

Patrick splits his time between the UK and Denmark and occasionally transfers housekeeping money between London and Frederikshavn.

Quote Mark “Melvin Fraser tracked even the most insignificant of my trades and ensured their correct rate.” Quote Mark

Barbara Chinn

Sold her home in France

When Barbara Chinn sold her property in France and returned to the UK, she turned to Global Reach Partners for guidance on the FX markets and timings of her transactions.

Quote Mark “My dedicated dealer has been friendly and polite, giving an efficient service at all times.” Quote Mark

John Martin

Managing a project in Thailand

John Martin was seeking a company to help make a real difference to the money he could pump into his project. It was important that his currency provider would give him a competitive rate of exchange and deliver his currency on time.

Quote Mark You make FX dealings simple and painless by doing exactly what you say you will do. Quote Mark

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