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In today’s financial climate, choosing the right place for your money is no small feat. That’s why we want to show you exactly how you could benefit from our specialist currency services.

Exchange rates are dependent on many varying factors; from sentiment delivered by key decision makers to data released on a country's unemployment rate. You may prefer to discuss the statistics with us in greater detail, or simply listen to our expert guidance on when to move your money.

With our competitive rates, specialist teams and range of currency services designed for all your foreign exchange needs - there's no better choice for your money. 

Make quick and easy payments abroad, or transfer your money wherever it needs to be in the world - we'll make sure it gets there securely, through our client transaction accounts.

Whether you prefer to transact online or over the phone, our services can be tailored to suit your personal preferences. Check out our four simple steps to transferring currency below. 

Step one - open account

Once you have completed your registration you’ll receive a confirmation email, welcoming you to Global Reach Partners.

Step two - your options

You'll be assigned your very own dedicated dealer who will guide you through the best way of getting the optimum rate for your money.

Step three - book rate

Whenever you're ready, book your rate over the phone with your dealer or through GRP Online. Your funds will be securely held in a segregated account.

Step four - confirm details

Simply let us know where you want the Onward Payment to be made, either online or by phone. Once the transaction is complete, you'll receive an automated confirmation.

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