Commission paid on a % revenue share basis.

This is our most popular partnership channel and is ideally suited for those who wish to introduce us to businesses or individuals and earn a commission on each transaction that these clients make.

You can outline how hands-on you wish to be and we will keep you up to date with what stage in the process your introductions have reached. We can also provide materials to assist you in making new introductions.


Commission can be on a fee-based approach as well as a % revenue share basis.

Partnership relationships work on a much more mutual basis where Global Reach Partners work alongside the partner to add value to their offering and provide content in order to drive potential business.

These relationships usually involve a shared marketing approach and support from Global Reach Partners to really assist you in the service you provide to underlying clients or members.


Commission is paid on a CPL (cost per lead) or CPA (cost per acquisition) basis.

Global Reach Partners works alongside affiliate partners who have the know-how and relevant target audience to drive sign-ups and traffic to our landing pages.

From the start, we provide full support and dedicated points of contact to ensure strong communication channels and we work closely with you in order to achieve the most mutually beneficial relationship.



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