Economic Updates


May encourages ministers to have a united position on Brexit

23rd February 2018
UK Prime Minister, Theresa May met with 11 of her senior ministers at the Prime Minister’s country house, Chequers, yesterday.

UK GDP misses expectations

22nd February 2018
The Dollar boosted overnight, as the Fed released the minutes from their latest monetary policy. Despite not raising rates in the January meeting, the minutes indicated they were still on path to…

Unemployment rises for the first time in two years

21st February 2018
The UK Average Weekly Earnings posted as expected at 2.5%, up from 2.4% in the previous reading. Despite the rise, the figure still runs below inflation. The Unemployment Rate figure missed…

Davis speaks in ‘the road to Brexit’ series today

20th February 2018
With less than two weeks until the Italian elections, the five star movement is currently leading the polls, with between 27 and 29 percent of the vote. However, this would not be enough for the…

May sets out her vision on the UK’s security post Brexit

19th February 2018
UK Prime Minister, Theresa May spoke at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, in which she set out her vision on security post Brexit. May explained she would like to secure a new security…

Merkel and May hold talks

16th February 2018
UK Prime Minister, Theresa May will be holding talks with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel in Berlin today, in an attempt to make further progress with the Brexit negotiations.

Greenback sees further disappointment

15th February 2018
The Greenback retraced yesterday’s gains, as the stock market began to recover. The markets seem to have overlooked the Bullish CPI figure, focusing on the Bearish Retail sales, which dropped to…

Boris encourages ‘A United Kingdom’

14th February 2018
The US CPI figure posted better than expected at 2.1%, remaining steady with the previous month’s reading. Increases were seen in the prices of petrol, shelter, apparel, medical care and food.