Market Orders are instructions placed in advance for currency to be bought or sold when it hits a particular rate.

Our orders are placed in the market 24-hours-a-day, therefore benefiting from Asian and Australasian trading hours, as well as UK and US.

This saves valuable time, as it removes the need to constantly monitor volatile exchange rates. In addition, we may achieve more attractive pricing than is available during UK trading hours, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Types of Orders

Limit Orders

These are used to achieve a better rate of exchange and maximise the return on your foreign exchange transactions, aiming to take advantage of spikes in rates.

Stop Loss Orders

These are designed to protect you against negative rate fluctuations that could detract from your costed levels or targeted hedging levels.

Features of Orders

Good til Cancelled (GTC)

These give you the ability to cancel an order at any time, so long as the agreed rate has not been reached.

One Cancels Other (OCO)

This regulates Limit Orders and Stop Loss Orders when both are live on your account. If a Limit Order rate is reached for example, a corresponding Stop Loss Order will automatically be cancelled out.

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