Plan ahead

A Forward Contract is the agreement to fix an amount of currency at today’s rate of exchange for a predetermined date in the future.

Peace of mind

By fixing the rate, your business has more certainty over its profit margins regardless of any potentially adverse currency fluctuations. 

Access our expertise

We’ll use our experience and knowledge to put appropriate plans in place to help ensure your business is protected.

Stay in control  

Relax knowing that your rate is fixed, regardless of any market volatility between the time you arrange it and the date we deliver the currency.

Once the time period is fixed, you can draw down funds of any size, at any time and in addition to our competitive rates of exchange.

Types of Forward:

  • Fixed Date Forward
    Allows you to agree a rate of exchange on one or more specific dates in the future, for example, to suit an agreed payment plan with an overseas supplier.
  • Flexible Forward
    A Flexible Forward contract allows you to ‘drawdown’ on your hedge at any time and for any amount, which means you can use the currency at the most convenient time for your business.
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