Corporate foreign exchange

Whether your business requires a one-off transaction or a complex,
multi-currency hedging strategy, enhancing your bottom line is our priority.

Corporate foreign exchange

We’re institutionally-backed specialists in corporate foreign exchange and we’re fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our experts have been helping corporate clients for 17 years and in that time we’ve grown to employ over 140 people, offering our clients access to more than 120 currencies.

When it comes to managing foreign exchange, each business is different and our consultants could create a bespoke solution tailored to your specific requirements. We transact over £4.8bn of foreign currency every year, but what sets us apart is how we do it. We don’t just ask questions, we ask the right ones.

Our approach sees us deliver robust strategies that can be effective in all market conditions. We know the markets and understand your exposure, including factors that will impact the performance of your business and that of your competitors. Using a blend of products, market insight and sector knowledge, we’ll aim to deliver solutions that reduce your exposure to currency risk and ultimately help protect your bottom line.

It’s foreign exchange the intelligent way.



A Spot trade is simple and quick, allowing you to take advantage of market movements in real time.

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A Forward Contract allows you to secure a rate and lets you use it anywhere from a week to two years into the future.

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Market Orders help you react to global, political and economic factors that can impact the value of a country’s currency, in an instant.

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If you regularly buy or sell currency and intend to hedge as part of your currency risk management strategy, our range of FX Options could help.

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Case studies

To us, every client is unique. Here are some examples of the personalised currency solutions we provide to our clients.

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