Daniel Harden

Dealing Director

Daniel has worked in the foreign exchange industry for 11 years. He started as a graduate at a top tier bank dealing currency for larger corporates and institutions. Daniel heads up the options desk at GRP and as a Head of Desk manages risk for a portfolio of corporate clients.

Daniel is FCA qualified and is also a qualified technician, analysing charts and forecasting currency movements. Daniel is a confident speaker and commentator on major news events and the impact they have on British financial markets. He has also regularly appeared on CNBC and UK TV channels. Daniel tutored economics at Victoria University, Wellington for 3 years. Public speaking, especially on economic events is one of Daniel’s specialties.

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Mark Ackroyd

Head of Desk

Mark has been at Global Reach Partners for 10 years and now holds the position of Head of Desk for the senior commercial dealing team.

Mark’s client portfolio has the largest FX turnover at Global Reach and includes some of the UK’s largest companies as well as a number of internationally based clients. He works across a wide range of industry sectors including: funds, commodities, oil & gas, retail, travel, food & drink, premiership football clubs and last year he handled over £3bn of FX transactions.

Mark has been a regular guest host on a number of financial news channels such as CNN, CNBC and Sky News and his FX analysis has featured in national news outlets such as the Financial Times.

Mark specialises in formulating and executing FX hedging strategies for mid to large corporates, using the full range of FX products available in the market. He has regularly been asked to write board approved FX strategies for his clients and when required attends board meetings to ensure full understanding of the FX approach his clients utilise.

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Senior Corporate Dealing


John Mullens
Senior Commercial Dealer
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Jeramie Harden
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